How much will chaplaincy cost?

Chaplaincy is provided voluntarily.  We believe this to be an important part of the success of this discipline.  Our independence from any financial structures means that the athletes know we are offering support in their interests with no agenda.

Can we use any chaplains?

The MSECC experience shows that the athletes get more support when they are working with chaplains they have already built up a relationship, or chaplains who understand the unique pressures of operating in a sporting environment.  For this reason we ensure that the chaplains we recommended have ideally relationships with competitors or coaches and are trained appropriately.

Will the chaplains evangelise at the event?

No it is in our code of conduct that chaplains will not undertake this.  Their role is to provide spiritual and pastoral care for all – not to force their spiritual beliefs on anyone.  For this reason our chaplains are pastorally proactive and spiritually reactive.  That is we will provide spiritual counsel but only when asked to do so.

Are the Chaplains multi-faith?

The MSECC provide Christian chaplains to work with chaplains from other faiths at the events.  That said our chaplains are trained to provide pastoral care to those of all faiths and no faith.