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Volunteer Chaplains ‘Expression of Interest’ Form

Because of its nearly thirty years experience in advising local organizing committees, the Major Sport Events Chaplaincy Commission (MSECC) of the Global Sports Coalition has been asked to submit a list of experienced international sports chaplains to the Organizing Committee for the event for consideration to be appointed as accredited Chaplains for the event. Please use this form to express your interest in serving as an official religious services volunteer at the event.

Please note, however, that the MSECC can only make recommendations.  The final decision concerning all appointments lies solely with the local organizing committee.

If you are interested in being recommended by the MSECC to the Organizing Committee, please return this form as an email attachment to Stuart Weir, Administrative Secretary.  The email addresses is  Any forms received after that date will not be able to be considered.

Please be aware that submitting this form means you agree to the following requirements:

  1. You are able to commit to serve for the entire duration of the chaplaincy program, including any specialized training upon arrival.
  2. You are in good health.  You have no communicable diseases that would put others at risk.  You are physically able to walk long distances and can work shifts of 8 hours or more.
  3. You are comfortable working in a multi-faith atmosphere.
  4. You will not proselytize during the event. Agreeing not to proselytize means you will respect the wishes of the participants and not discuss religious matters with them unless they have first expressed a clear interest in doing so.  Of course, since you are there to meet their spiritual needs, if participants ask about questions of faith, you may freely answer according to your religious convictions. You may not, however, initiate such conversations unilaterally.

You will consent to a background security check if required.

    Event at which you wish to be a chaplain

    Section 1 - Contact Informationopen

    Section 2- Personal Informationopen

    Section 3- Sports Chaplaincy Experienceopen

    Section 4- Approach to Chaplaincyopen

    Section 5- Referencesopen

    Please ask your three references to email: with your name in the title followed by the event you are applying for.

    Guidelines for Referees:

    (Please include answers to the following questions in your remarks)

    1. Explain how long you have known the applicant and in what capacity.
    2. Describe the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses under pressure.
    3. In working with the world’s elites, few if any ministers have 100% pure motives. How much is the applicant’s desire to be a chaplain at a major sports event driven by a personal desire for significance and achievement? How much stems from an authentic call by God to serve?
    3. Do you know if the applicant has any regular disciplines for staying healthy spiritually, physically and relationally?
    3. Is there anything remarkable or unique that sets this person apart from his/her peers?
    4. Relate an incident that makes you think this person will have an effective ministry amongst the elite competitors and coaches.
    5. What do you know about the applicant that would help the selection committee see that this person is called to be a major sports event chaplain?