Guide for Event Organizers

Checklist for a organizing a Chaplaincy Programme


  • Establish a Prayer team for this
  • Get agreement about number of accredited Protestant chaplains
  • Get agreement about level of access to facilities
  • Establish a selection process
  • Obtain invitation letters to help Chaplains obtain their visa.


  • Arrange accommodation for the Chaplains as close as possible to the sportspeople. Talk to the local organizing committee about accommodating the Chaplains in the Athletes’ Village or Athletes’ hotel. If that is not possible then try for a private or church based accommodation. If that is not possible then look for inexpensive hotels near the Athletes’ Village.
  • For longer events: where can Chaplains do laundry?
  • Is there a key for every Chaplain? Special “opening hours” or safety issues?


  • Communicate clearly about visa requirements, immunization regulations, best airport and means of transportation, pick up service from the airport (tell them how they will find you/ what is written on your sign, where exactly do you meet them, etc.), distance from airport to accommodation, availability of food/ any dinner times planned? Where to exchange money (airport or in town?), etc.
  • Make sure to communicate any changes in plans as early as possible
  • Ask for flight details from Chaplains
  • If possible provide local SIM card for mobile phones and calling cards or check for best deals in shops nearby.
  • Where is the nearest internet access? Wireless, or how can Chaplains access with their own laptop?
  • Have a printer and a copy machine available or close by
  • Have a “hotline” number (your mobile number?) that Chaplains can call if they need help
  • Are translators needed?
  • Advertise the chapel service times in the village newspaper


  • Inform Chaplains about pick up from and to the airport. Get their travel times and flight numbers. Pick them up from the airport and bring them first to their accommodation (or arrange that you can bring them later to their accommodation). Also bring them for departure to the airport. Check times before with airline.
  • If Chaplains cannot use official transport then try to arrange for cars and drivers or for best means of public transport.
  • Provide street maps and transportation schedules, if needed GPS navigation tools for Chaplains who drive their own cars (attention to languages).


  • Organize a prayer network to pray for the Chaplaincy, the sportspeople and each Chaplain.
  • Be available in the mornings and evenings to pray with Chaplains for specific people and aspects.
  • Organize a room and time slot where all Chaplains meet for fellowship, problem discussion, encouragement, prayer, questions, etc.

General support

  • Ensure that the designated area for religious services has all the proper facilities, including:
    i) a meeting area for activities with keyboard and bibles;
    ii) a separate, private area for giving spiritual advice; and
    iii) a general hospitality area with TV, newspapers from around the world, and shelves for resources to be distributed;
    iv) a work space with computer and internet access as well as lockers for chaplains on duty
  • Inform Chaplains about culturally sensitive aspects and dangerous places, important safety and health information
  • Provide mosquito nets, sprays or other relevant things if needed
  • Who is available for any special needs of Chaplains? – assign a person for that.
  • Who can do computer work for Chaplains who do not have a computer or do not know how to use it (typing of a document, searching for something in the internet, etc.)?
  • Provide written info for Chaplains: exact location (address) of their own team, official time table of the event, meeting times of Chaplaincy team, address of their accommodation, etc.)
  • If possible, organize a sight seeing trip and an opportunity to do some shopping at a time that suits the Chaplains.
  • Make a telephone list with mobile numbers of each Chaplain
  • Organise a training session immediately prior to the event that goes over how to function best as a chaplain with participants at this event as well as the how to follow through on any special administrative responsibilities required of chaplains by the Local Organizing Committee
  • Organise a Commissioning Service before the event for all Chaplains to pray for them and give them a good start for their duties.


  • Provide free sports new testaments, DVD, tracts, etc. in different languages for Chaplains only if they want to use it. Pay attention to the agreed on code of conduct with the Local Organizing Commitee!

Written Report

  • Make sure that someone writes a written final report about the Chaplaincy programme of your event and send it to