Guide for Chaplains

What is the selection criteria?
In choosing a team of chaplains to be proposed to the Local Organizing Committee of a sports event, the MSECC aims to combine different gifts, cover the major languages and cultures of the world and have a gender balance. Ideally we would include pastoral, preaching, leadership, administrative and musical gifts

What are the characteristics of a chaplain?
An ability to listen is essential


  • Be faithful to the call of God;
  • Maintain contact with sportspeople in season and out of season.


  • Keep your word
  • Do not promise what you cannot produce.
  • Maintain confidentiality – don’t tell stories about them, don’t give away their contact details.


  • Be trustworthy.
  • Respect the sportsperson’s need for privacy;
  • Be a person who keeps confidential information shared in private.
  • Do not give any information to the media.


  • Be punctual for appointments;
  • Follow through on their commitments.


  • They must be trained in Biblical matters and able to communicate spiritual insights with practical application to the sports context.

Are the Chaplains multi-faith?
The MSECC provide Christian chaplains to work with chaplains from other faiths at the events.  That said our chaplains are trained to provide pastoral care to those of all faiths and no faith.